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Maximizing your vacation means planning ahead. Weekend in Italy brings you access to Turin Italy tickets and all of the best Turin museums, tours and excursions. Figure out all the details now before you get there and you’ll get to see and enjoy so much more! That’s the idea behind our site.
Check out all of the options below to see what you’re interested in and what you absolutely can’t miss! Choose from standard entry tickets to guided tours and excursions. By buying ahead of time, you ensure that you don’t miss out on any of Turin’s treasures.
From the Venaria Royal Palace and Gardens to the Palazzo Madama Civic Museum of Ancient Art, from guided visits to the historical center of Turin and the world-famous Egyptian Museum. Turin is full of royal, industrial, magical and even thrilling attractions, and Weekend in Italy offers the visitor the best of Turin Italy tickets.
From 14.00
Guided visit to the historic center of Turin and the Egyptian Museum

This is your ticket to the pride of Turin's 40 plus museums.

Discover the elegant center of Turin, with this walking tour starting from Piazza Castello. See the most important buildings: Palazzo Madama, the Church of San Lorenzo, the Royal Palace and its armory, the Cathedral and the Roman Quadrilateral. Stroll under the elegant arcades full of antique shops and fine cafes. Your tour then continues in the Egyptian Museum, the second largest in the world (after Cairo's in Egypt) for its outstanding collection of mummies, statues, artifacts, and exhibits.


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